TITHING...with a money-back guarantee!

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Ready to take the challenge?

When can I start the tithing challenge?

You may start the 90-day tithing challenge at any time! Just be sure to let us know you’re in by filling out the online form  

What is The Whole90?

A play on The Whole30 eating program where tens of thousands of people eat clean, whole foods for 30 days and experience life-changing results, we are branding the tithe challenge as The Whole90 to signify giving your whole tithe for 90 days...risk-free.

A “tithe challenge" is a way for us to recognize God's promise to honor and take care of His people. In Malachi 3:10, God is in essence asking, "Don't you think I will completely bless you and take care of you if you live on 90% of what I gave you?” By living sacrificially with your giving, you are investing in spreading the message of Jesus to the whole world.

What is a tithe?

A tithe is the Biblical concept of giving away 10% of your income, an idea that was instituted thousands of years ago as a way to thank and worship God (Deuteronomy 14:22). In ancient times the tithe was a portion of crops and herds, but the principle still holds true today. Everything you have comes from God, and returning at least 10% of it to continue God's work in the world is an act of acknowledging where it came from, what it is for, and remembering who owns it.

How do I start tithing today?

1. Calculate 10% of your income. (Calculate 10% of your paycheck, and each time you get paid, give 10% of your paycheck to the work of Christ at Kensington.)

2. Set-up a recurring gift through our website or our mobile app. This is the easiest and fastest way to ensure you’re keeping up with the challenge .

By contributing automatically and electronically, you are contributing the “first fruits” of your income (2 Chronicles 31:4-5). You can also give by writing a check and dropping it in the weekend offering at any campus. Cash giving is also acceptable, however you must put your cash in a sealed envelope with your name and contact information on the envelope in order for us to know that it’s from you.

You may also choose to use your online banking bill pay option through your bank or credit union. This is super simple: log-in to your online banking system and set up ‘Kensington Church’ as the payee; use the address 1825 E. Square Lake Rd. Troy, MI 48085. In the account number or memo field, enter your campus name (ie. Troy, Orion, Clinton Twp, etc).

Any way you decide to give, we'll record your gift and send you a contribution statement at year-end for charitable deduction purposes.

Has Kensington done a tithe challenge before?

In April of 2014, we challenged everyone at Kensington to tithe 10% of their income. Thousands of households accepted the challenge, which was awesome! But it was even more awesome—miraculous—to hear the unbelievable stories of God moving through the lives of those who trusted Him fully with their finances. Many churches around the country believe so strongly in the faithfulness of God with their finances that they encourage trusting God through a “tithe challenge” as well. As a church community, we have been overwhelmed by the faithfulness of God to provide and to change hearts through this experience.

How exactly does the money-back guarantee work?

Contact our Finance & Development Office within the 90 days, and we’ll refund your tithe—no questions asked. But in order to qualify for the money-back guarantee, we must have a record that you officially accepted The Whole90 challenge through the online form.


Living on 90% for 90 days

THE WHOLE90 CHALLENGE — living on 90% for 90 days

Inspired by The Whole30 eating program where tens of thousands of people eat clean, whole foods for 30 days and experience life-changing results, we are naming this tithe challenge as The Whole90 to signify giving your whole tithe for 90 days. We’re certain it will change your life.  

The challenge is simple: give back to God a percentage of your income for 90 consecutive days. But here’s the twist—it’s risk-free! We strongly believe that this is the heart of God. So much so that if you try this God-centered money management approach for 90 days and don’t like it, we’ll give you your contributions back, no questions asked.

Test me in this and see if I will not throw open the floodgates of heaven and pour out so much blessing that there will not be enough room to store it.   - Malachi 3:10

1. Tell us you've accepted the challenge through filling out the form 

2. Then, give a percentage of your income for 90 consecutive days. Click here to give.

Tithing—giving 10% of our income back to God—is understanding the truth that everything we have is a gift from God, and trusting God when He asks us to live on 90%.

I am a self-employed single dad and sole custodian of my 9-year-old daughter so it goes without saying that money was tight. We were tithing already but only what I thought we could afford, and what little I did give I would dwell on for days after thinking of all the other 'things' it could have gone towards. I did the Whole90 to break that attachment with money and in the blind faith of what Dave Wilson spoke about in the video that I would encounter God in a new way. Oddly enough it seemed like the first payment was the easiest but then the thoughts returned and so we prayed that the desire to tithe would burn in our hearts and that we would recognize the fruits of this giving. Now I'm not saying a+b=c but since starting the Whole90 I feel God has impacted every part of my life. I have since met someone at Kensington church that has become an amazing support and inspiration in my life, my business has thrived more so that ever before, and some of the old wounds of my heart have even begun to heal.

God gets the first share of all my income now and it just makes sense to continue cause I believe he will give me what I need. It's not always easy giving, nor do I imagine it should be, but I never wanted money to carry such importance in my world and this gave me the risk-free chance to learn it doesn't have to be. I've gotten back so much more.

God really reinforced the idea that money is not a possession; it is flowing through me to take care of myself and others. It is intensely liberating to realize we don't actually "own" anything. We are borrowing stuff from people who will use it after us.

My experience started on day one. When I first paid my tithe, I was extremely scared and panicked wondering how I will make due for the next 2 weeks. The very next day I received a refund check from my insurance company for twice as much as my tithe. And at that moment I knew I had to let go of my fear and let go of control because God will take care of me. My life has been filled with peace over the past few months. I don't live in constant fear or stress anymore. When I decided to put it all in His hands, there was a sense of relief that is unexplainable. It doesn't mean I don't deal with daily struggles, I just face them differently now. I'm much more happy with myself and my life now. I know that I am extremely blessed for everything that I have. And I have been shouting it from the rooftops to anyone who wants to hear. It was a scary leap to take by giving up 10% of my income since I am a single mother but I have no regrets and will continue to tithe.

Sometimes it's not trusting God (and the process) that is the issue but the follow-through. This challenge gave me the opportunity to take the leap and see it through. In turn, God has encouraged us with an amazing return on our investment... we received a huge financial blessing through our tax return and have seen a large increase in sales at work after a previous 9 month dry spell.

I will never come close, but I can always strive to be more like Him. I kept my commitment to Him because that is what He does for me. God does not leave my side when things get difficult, and neither will I leave His. Sure, it's easy to trust when things are good and easy to give when money is plentiful. But God wants to see us truly trust Him, and that means during the moments when we feel most alone, afraid, hurt, and "without."

Just think, what if God was only there for us when it was convenient?

During the Whole 90 Challenge, I learned that it's not so scary to give more. I am a single mom on a tight budget. When I committed to this challenge, I was pretty fearful. Even with the amount I was currently giving, there were some months when I barely made it financially. However, I found that I am NOT in a worse place, but indeed a much better one. Financially, there hasn't been the strain I anticipated. God also gifted me with 4 new business clients within 60 days of my decision to commit. I am more dependent on God, and am excited to think about "stepping up my giving game" again down the road! I am learning that living with purpose and intention is incredibly fulfilling.

I have always believed in tithing and God has truly blessed me for it. I have been in Troy for 120 days and found Kensington right away and didn't even visit another church. These questions are difficult for me and I'm sorry that I can't answer each one. My husband and I separated 4 months ago after 34 years. Each service I have been in has been directed at me and I have received so much advice and peace. I am struggling with his unfaithfulness but am trusting God and am constantly repeating the serenity prayer and asking for His help, an understanding heart and peace to deal with it. I will continue to tithe. For me this was not just a 90 day challenge but a life challenge.