Thank you for your interest in Stand in the Gap

Join us in Kkids this summer to pour the love of Jesus into the next generation! You don’t have to be a kid-expert or a Bible-expert – all you need is a heart to serve our youngest Kensington attendees. Volunteer with any age group, from birth through grade 5, two or more times between June and Labor Day. 

The KKids coordinator from your campus will be in touch with you soon to confirm details and dates. Thanks again!

We want people like you with a heart to serve!



Summer is a great time to STAND IN THE GAP in Kensington Kids!

With the start of summer, routines often shift, creating a gap – a space for something new. Consider using this opportunity to serve the next generation in Kensington Kids (Kkids), our children's program! Kkids serves birth through grade 5 during weekend services, and is a mission in itself. When we give our time and love to children, we receive so much in return. 

Maybe you often serve in Kkids, maybe it's been awhile, or maybe it's a first for you. Whatever the case, if you're ready for a fulfilling summer, join us for a few (or more!) weekends from June through Labor Day. This isn't "just babysitting," and you don’t have to be an expert with kids. You don't even need to have the Bible figured out. We're looking for people –just like you – who want to invest in our little ones.

Volunteer with Stand in the Gap in our Kkids program, by signing up to serve two or more weekends this summer with any age group (birth-grade 5). Select your campus below to get started:

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